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01DSS Smart simulation package

Available in packages victims prepacked ready to use.

Types victims available:
-Car Accident, rail accident

Please contact us for special cases or untreated, we are able to develop

Packet size and price:

  • 25 victims evolutionary: 599€*
  • 50 victims evolutionary: 649€*
  • 75 victims evolutionary: 699€*
*: All prices are excluding VAT.

The package includes:

-Personal access link to the system
-1 administrator access for the management of simulation and results
-10 accounts observer with access to the data collection
-Running a Simulation
-Viewing analysis reports online and print PDF

Documentation provided:

Summary typology victims, certified disease and references to the bibliography.
Cards storyboard of each victim with the explanation and details of the temporal evolution of vital signs and improved treatment expected.
Boards dynamic casualties card of every single victim to simulate and communicate the vital parameters of evolution.
Boards makeup of every single victim that describe symptoms and a brief description of the makeup to be applied.
Data collection cards for the collection of data by the victims.
Tutorial use victims and card.
Tutorial use data collection tool for the observer.

Possible evaluations for the simulation
ollection timing of intervention and moving individual victims.
Treatments applied to individual victims Performance indicator on key operations with the timing of implementation and evaluation.
Collecting notes and observations categorized with any photo documentative.
PDF Report details the simulation, the victims number, type, notes, etc..
Graphic evaluation on the data collected and notes

There are also consultants for organization and evaluation of exercises, and more advanced tools integrative. Contact us for more information.


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