Something about US


iNovaria Ltd is an academic spin-off of the University of Eastern Piedmont. We were born in Novara in 2011 but we already come a long walk that led us to tackle assignments of international prestige.

Our mission is to provide hospitals and healthcare providers the ability to assess and manage their own emergency preparedness.
The team combines iNovaria in a heterogeneous, well-integrated medical specialists anesthesia and intensive care, IT staff and technical experts in systems emergency and civil protection and freelancers.

We believe that collaboration can generate new and profitable knowledge, to work with major partners, such as CRIMEDIM Interdepartmental Centre for Research in Emergency Medicine and disaster response and computer science applied to the teaching and practice of medicine at the University of Piemonte Eastern, the Academy of Medicine of emergencies and disasters and the European Master of Medicine disasters.

We are located in Enne3, the incubator of Innovation Pole of Novara, a city in which we our name.



  • 01 DSS
    Disaster Simulation Suite
  • 02 XVR.Pro & Add-Ons

  • 03 ISEE & Add-Ons