HUMAN Factor


Not all disasters are sudden and unexpected events. The tsunami in Indonesia, the recent hurricane in the Philippines and closer to home the overflow of Bisagno in Genoa and storms in Sardegna showed us how it would be possible to reduce the impact of these events if you had provided an effective warning system. It 'true that effective over this system should be timely, immediate, because the margin in terms of time is often minimal.

Human factor is a software project that was created to alert the medical staff, nursing and volunteer in case of disaster situations. In the same way that you alert the "Pros" of the emergency, the same way in the "Red Alert" is able to turn into a timely and comprehensive warning system. At the speed of contact of the old "bell" system combines the ability to provide timely instructions based on the event / situation that is creating the danger.

How it works

The registration of recipients can be done directly by the Entity that has the service (eg. Municipality through the data registry office), or is the individual citizen / user who logs on to his registration card and that will keep updated.

The body that provides the service can send at this point, if necessary, alarms, warnings and instructions to all subscribers to the service, or pre-made ​​groups as needed (eg. Area groupings, etc.). The system can be operated from any device (PC, tablet or smartphone) with free internet and regardless of operating system.


The data can be entered and edited only by using personal codes that enable the compilation of the database, which must be kept confidential. The system uses an encoding "https", which is currently a standard in the field of security (the same standard used by online banking systems). The system is not detectable by search engines.


-Ability to notify simultaneously all the people affected by an event / situation of danger;
-Ability to send instructions behavioral;
-Ability to insert messaging for other needs (Information in the public interest, notices of deadlines, etc.. Etc.), leaving the user the ability to choose what type of information received.



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