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XVR is a 3D virtual reality simulator in which an unlimited number of incidents can be visualized and simulated. The XVR library of 3D environments contains a growing number of 3D environments with multiple training locations.
The XVR Object library contains animated 3D people (both hurt and unhurt), animated 3D objects (like fires, crashed vehicles, skid marks, puddles of blood) and animated 3D rescue vehicles, staff and equipment. xvr xvr1

The XVR.pro module is designed to be used for single student or team-training exercises. XVR.pro contains advanced exercise functions like an event list, trigger zones and simulation logic for certain 3D objects in the XVR Object library. feriti In XVR.pro, the instructor can start/stop/pause and exercise and use the logging and after action review functions. The instructor can decide if the exercises are run in real time, fast-time or slow-time. xvr




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